Lawyers & accountants

Professional accountants:

One of the most important issues to be dealt with when starting a business is the provision of quality accounting records. To make this possible, a company should cooperate with experienced accountants, who provide for the operation of the company's accounting system pursuant to the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.


Accounting services for companies:

Accounting services. We provide accounting services for small and medium-sized companies, including: bookkeeping, tax calculations, processing reports and statements for the SRS and other state authorities, as well as their submission to the SRS both in paper form and via the EDS.


Legal advice:

We specialize in the following areas:

·         Contracts

·         Labour law

·         Legal advice on computer software

·         Company formation and changes

·         Legal advice

·         Legal support of natural and legal entities

·         Legal assistance in real estate issues

·         Client representation in courts and arbitration



We develop contracts of any complexity based on the customer’s needs and desires:


·         Loan agreements

·         Donation contracts

·         Employment contracts (including collective agreements)

·         Loan agreements

·         Support contracts

·         Supply and transportation contracts

·         Construction and other work contracts

·         Mortgage and surety agreements

·         sale and purchase contracts;

·         Lease and rental agreements

·         Management contracts

·         Company (contractor) contracts

·         and other civil contracts upon the customer's request

Labour law:

  • Advice in employment relations
  • Employment contracts and job descriptions to meet customer requirements and expectations
  • Developing work safety, internal order and fire safety regulations
  • Representation in courts and other labour dispute settlement institutions
  • Protection of confidential information and intellectual property
  • Competition limitations upon termination of employment relationships

Legal advice on computer software:

  • Advice on legality of software, restrictions, and other specific licensing issues
  • Software audit, pursuant to the current RL legislation and producer licensing terms
  • Advice on software acquisition and license prolongation

Company formation and changes:

We perform activities of any complexity related to the preparation and submission of company documents to the Register of Enterprises:

  • Drafting Articles of Association and other necessary documents of a newly established company (IM, Ltd, PF, JSC, OJSC, PA, LLP etc.) for submission to the Register of Enterprises (including opening a bank account and document notarization)
  • Solutions for reducing foundation costs
  • Introducing changes to existing corporate documents (share capital increases and decreases, issuing new shares, reorganizations, mergers, changes of name and business address, changes in the composition of the members and the board, registration and cancellation of procuration, commercial pledges, changes to representation titles of members of the board, selling and buying company shares, etc.)
  • all other activities and advice related to changes in your company, in order to ensure the protection of your rights and material values from third parties.

Legal advice:

  • Consultations on the legislation of the Republic of Latvia and solutions to current legal issues
  • Problem analysis and preparation of solutions to suit the client’s case
  • Representing the client's interests in court (preparing applications, submission to court, maintenance of the claim, provision of the claim, lien on a debt estate and other necessary activities)
  • Representing the client's interests in other state and municipal institutions

Legal support for natural and legal entities:

  • Drafting contracts
  • Preparing documentation according to Latvian legislative requirements
  • Legal advice in legislation and recordkeeping issues
  • Representation of the client in relations with other companies, and state and municipal institutions

Legal assistance in real estate issues:

  • Development of contracts for real estate purchase/sale, rent, lease, management, exchange, donation, sharing, actual division, exploitation, according to the customer needs
  • Advice when selling or buying real estate
  • Arrangement of real estate ownership formalities
  • Division and merging of real estate
  • Succession issues in real estate matters
  • Assistance in real estate insurance
  • Preparation of mortgages and surety documents
  • Representation of the client’s interests in real estate matters in courts, arbitration courts and other institutions

Client representation in courts and arbitration:

Representation of clients in courts and arbitration courts. We specialize in criminal, civil and administrative disputes of any complexity.