Commercial law experts

Buying businesses (companies)

We will buy your company even if it has debts. Free advice and support! Free evaluation of your business and an estimation of its value! 

Selling businesses (companies)

We sell a wide range of companies meeting any requirements. All kinds of legal entities!

Documents prepared for the Register of Enterprises (RE) within 1 day!

We will prepare and submit documents to the Register of Enterprises within 1 day. Documents prepared for ALL Registers in the Register of Enterprises:

·  Commercial Register

·  Register of Enterprises

·  Insolvency Register      

·  Register of Associations and Foundations

·  Register of Commercial Pledge

·  Spousal Property Relations Register

·  Register of Political Parties

·  Register of Religious Organizations and their Institutions

·  Register of Public and Private Partnership Contracts

·  Register of Mass Media

·  Register of Representations

·  Register of European Economic Interest Groups

·  Register of Arbitrations