Foundation & liquidation

Founding a business or registering changes:

We perform activities of any complexity related to the preparation and submission of company documents to the Register of Enterprises:

  • Drafting Articles of Association and other necessary documents for a newly established company (IM, Ltd, PF, JSC, OJSC, PA, LLP etc.) for submission to the Register of Enterprises (including opening a bank account and document notarization)
  • Solutions for reducing the foundation costs
  • Introducing changes to existing corporate documents (share capital increases or decreases, issuing new shares, reorganizations, mergers, changes of the name and business address, changes in the composition of the members and the board, registration and cancellation of procuration, commercial pledges, changes to representation titles in the board, sale and purchase of company shares, etc.)
  • All other activities and advice related to changes in your company, in order to ensure the protection of your rights and material values from third parties

§  Company liquidation and insolvency procedures (legal and accounting support)

§  Company registration in the European Union, USA, CIS countries and Asia

§  Foundation of a company in tax free zones – offshore