Company registration abroad

Company registration abroad

Company registration in foreign countries – Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Poland, Great Britain, Cyprus and offshore.

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Services of nominee directors

Nominee directors are usually used to disguise the identity of the actual beneficiary (the real owner of the offshore company) and ensure complete anonymity, as well as carrying out operations with affiliated and associated companies, which otherwise would not be legitimate.

Nominee directors are particularly recommended in those jurisdictions where the data of officials are publicly available. Nominee directors are not entitled to manage or perform any operations with the company of the actual owner.

Full control of company management and the right of representation will always remain at the disposal of the beneficial owner.

In other words, a nominee director is director only on paper. Formal registration procedures apply.

On a daily basis, the company is managed by its real owners and beneficiaries. These persons purchase an offshore company along with its nominee director. Such commercial practice – to purchase an offshore company registered in one of the low-tax countries along with officials has been exercised in Latvia since the early 90s.